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As an author, I'm honored to have had my writing published and am looking forward to more projects in print. It's my goal to show God's truths in story form. I work hard to never preach, but to engage and entertain my readers. I'm also learning about myself as I go along.

As an editor, I'm here to help and encourage you. I have been on this writing journey since 1994 and have gleaned a lot along the way. What do you need? If you are a new author and need a fresh pair of eyes, I can read your manuscript and give you notes, examples and encouragement. If you're experienced and need some feedback, I can help strengthen your story. Check out the editing page.

As a parent, I know it's not an easy thing, raising a child with special needs. Many days I feel isolated, tired, frustrated, and sometimes angry. We can encourage each other when the days are heavy and we can rejoice when they are light. If you're the parent of a special needs child and are feeling overwhelmed and need support from someone who understands, please visit my blog.

As an inspirational fantasy novelist, I'm always learning. If you're a Christian who writes fantasy, reads fantasy, or wonders if a Christian should even enjoy fantasy, this is the place to talk about it. I'm looking forward to some great discussion!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I have blessed you in some small way today.  

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Blog Tour - FLARE
Tuesday, March 05, 2019



hey FFFers!  I’m super excited to host my friend, Jill Hackman, today. The second book in The Firebrand Chronicles is out and it looks fabulous!!

Jill knows how much I love food, and there’s some pretty cool things to eat in FLARE. I’ve asked Jill to share some with us! 

Hey, Jill! I’m hungry! Whatcha got for me today?

Hey, Pam!  hahaha! You’re always ready to try good food. Okay, here ya go:

As some of you know, Pam’s a big foodie, and her love of food shows up in her stories. I like creating unusual foods too—Spark introduced Brenna’s favorite cinnamon-and-sugar-topped pastry Kunkelsteuchen. In Flare, I again had fun and presented four new flavors to the reader.

Liberty berries are a spicy-sweet berry native to Ginselwyn, and they grow wild near Ho Mountain’s base. Tiny’s mom is a fabulous baker and puts them in muffins to give them a nice fruity “kick.”

Rason is a pack animal briefly mentioned in Spark, but in Flare, the reader learns the animal can also be made into burgers. It’s a lot like ground beef (but no, it doesn’t taste like chicken).

Fypex gum is a chewing gum made from the native fypex fern. With a mild raspberry and vanilla flavor, it’s similar to coffee— it contains a stimulant like caffeine that helps Brenna focus and control her ADHD symptoms.

Pupkissberries are another delicious fruit with a sun-ripened mixed berry and almond flavor. They are super delicious made into a pie. (The name for this came from my youngest daughter trying to say “pumpkin.” She either said pupkiss or big pickle.)

I hope this peek into the special foods of the Jasper Territory “seasons” your reading enjoyment of Flare.




Wow, Jill! We may have to put our heads together for a cookbook! I want to try every single thing!  hahaha! Thanks for stopping by and whetting our appetites!

Y’all, check out FLARE here:

February is Fairyeating Month!
Wednesday, February 06, 2019

hey FFFers! I meant to tell you - Tzmet has declared February is Fairyeating Month! To take part in the delicious fun, go to my Facebook Page for The Fairy Guardian Chronicles: 

All the details are there!

Let the Fairyeating begin!!



The INSPY Awards
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

hey FFFers!  I’m excited to tell you FAIRYEATER made the LONG LIST for the INSPY Awards in the Speculative category!  WOOT!! The Spec category is filled with GREAT books by amazing authors! I’m so proud to be in there with them. So many authors I’ve read and admire.


I won’t know anything now until April 30th, but I have plenty to keep me busy. I’m waiting for the three novels I’ll be reading for the first round of judging for the Realm Awards, I have a couple of editing jobs, I’m preparing for another Willoughby book release in the spring, and I’m working on the prequel for Fairyeater.

Thanks to everyone who nominated Fairyeater!