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As an author, I'm honored to have had my writing published and am looking forward to more projects in print. It's my goal to show God's truths in story form. I work hard to never preach, but to engage and entertain my readers. I'm also learning about myself as I go along.

As an editor, I'm here to help and encourage you. I have been on this writing journey since 1994 and have gleaned a lot along the way. What do you need? If you are a new author and need a fresh pair of eyes, I can read your manuscript and give you notes, examples and encouragement. If you're experienced and need some feedback, I can help strengthen your story. Check out the editing page.

As a parent, I know it's not an easy thing, raising a child with special needs. Many days I feel isolated, tired, frustrated, and sometimes angry. We can encourage each other when the days are heavy and we can rejoice when they are light. If you're the parent of a special needs child and are feeling overwhelmed and need support from someone who understands, please visit my blog.

As an inspirational fantasy novelist, I'm always learning. If you're a Christian who writes fantasy, reads fantasy, or wonders if a Christian should even enjoy fantasy, this is the place to talk about it. I'm looking forward to some great discussion!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I have blessed you in some small way today.  

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Book Review - SINKING
Monday, April 23, 2018

     hey FFFers – check out this fabulous cover for the novel, SINKING! I loved this book and am really excited about the upcoming sequel, DRIFTING. Here’s a little about the first book in the series.    



Jocelyn (the name Lady Edith gave her) is found naked on the beach. She doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t know how she got there. At first, she can’t even remember how to speak or breathe. The last thing she does remember is someone saying remember!

But she can’t!

Lady Edith takes her in and it’s quickly clear she wants Jocelyn to replace the daughter she lost. She begins to teach Jocelyn everything she wants Jocelyn to know. But she’s not a very nice woman. Jocelyn finds more of a friend in Helen, the servant.

One of the answers Jocelyn needs has been discovered by Lady Edith – a piece of coral jewelry – but Edith hides it because she feels it has value and wants compensation. You see, Edith is not well off since her husband died. She writes to an estranged nephew, Thomas, planning to “sell” Jocelyn to him.

Jocelyn continues to learn about the world around her. Even though she’s afraid, she’s brave and smart and she learns quickly. But she keeps “hearing” a man’s voice – she believes it’s the sea – calling to her to “Come back to me.”

One day, Jocelyn steps into the sea and the voice is delighted she’s alive. He calls again. The sea tries to pull her in. She feels energized, but the waves push her back to land. She’s determined to solve this mystery.

Thomas arrives, accompanied with Captain Aiden. Both men are taken with Jocelyn, but for different reasons. Jocelyn senses something bad in Thomas and tries to avoid him, but that’s about impossible as he’s staying in the house.

One evening, Captain Aiden, who has come for dinner as Thomas’s guest, finds the coral jewelry among some books.  Jocelyn sees it and becomes obsessed to hold it. Lady Edith lies and tells them it’s a family heirloom.

Day after day, night after night, the man’s voice continues to call Jocelyn to “Come back to me!” But as hard as she tries, she can’t remember. Thomas offers to take her on ship in order to search for her family. She agrees. Thomas goes to Lady Edith and offers her 10,000 pounds for Jocelyn, promising he will marry her in India. Edith had been hoping for more, but Thomas threatens to strip her of everything she owns if she refuses.

They board the ship. Captain Aiden is furious Jocelyn is coming with them. The sailors believe death comes to any ship that carries a woman. But Thomas is insistent. Jocelyn tries to leave, but the sea will not allow it. Its waves hit the ship, preventing her from disembarking. An old sailor recognizes this and convinces the rest to allow her to stay.

Aiden had purchased the coral jewelry from Lady Edith, and on ship, he discovers its clockwork-like mechanisms. It gives him a shock, so he uses a splinter of wood to turn the gears which lights up the medallion. A small wheel pops out and the captain can’t put it back in. The old sailor, Nicholas, sees it and knows it comes from another world – the sea.

Jocelyn dreams of a violent escape from one who would have murdered her. Another woman is killed, protecting her. The sea responds to her dream, waves pounding the side of the ship.

The ship sails on, and eventually, Jocelyn learns she is a mermaid. Her betrothed finds them. The ships continues to India, where the adventures continues on land. There’s more to the story, but you’ll need to read the book to see for yourself. I found the story intriguing and can’t wait to read the sequel, DRIFTING, which will be releasing this week!


Here’s a peek of DRIFTING:

Jocelyn plunges into the ocean near Calcutta, India, thrown overboard by a man claiming it’s the only way to save her life. As she sinks, the transformation begins, and the ocean welcomes her back into its embrace.

Aidan Boyd thought the only way to save Jocelyn was to give her back to the ocean, but now he’s not so sure. Aidan doesn’t believe in mermaids, but he can’t explain the way she changed. Will he see Jocelyn again? Or has he condemned her to a watery grave?

Jocelyn drifts in a world she’d forgotten only to find she’s hunted by a deadly force from the ancient city of Thessa, the reason she was hidden in the world above. But she cannot get Aidan out of her head. Was what they shared real? Or was it a fantasy brought on by her unconscious need to seduce a human?

Both Aidan and Jocelyn begin a desperate and dangerous journey to discover the truth … and hopefully each other. But will their love be enough?

Look for DRIFTING on Amazon, April 26th.



Sarah Armstrong-Garner lives in Northern California with her husband and three children, and get this: not only is she an author, screenwriter, and photographer, she also shoots indie films with her husband. You can visit to learn more about her and her upcoming releases.

Author Spotlight - Imani Ariana Grant
Monday, April 16, 2018

hey FFFers – I’m super excited to introduce you to 9-year-old author, Imani Ariana Grant! I met her on April 7th at the Beau Arts Book Festival in Philadelphia! When Imani Ariana was 8-years-old, she got the idea to write a book ... and she did it! Isn’t that cool?

So, join me in welcoming Imani Ariana!

FFF: Hi, Imani Ariana! I’m so happy to have you here on my blog. I have lots of questions. Ready?

IAG: I’m happy to be here, too! I’m ready!

FFF: Why did you publish your story?

IAG: At first I was curious about how long it took for a book to be published and what my story would look like being illustrated. I also published my story because I wanted to share my knowledge with other children and teach them about the 8 planets in the solar system. 

FFF: Where did you find your illustrators?

IAG: My awesome publisher, Dr. Mellissa Sue-John from Lauren Simone Publishing House, connected us with the most amazing and creative kids illustrators for my book. It was cool to know that they are also children. Simonne-Anias Clarke who is 16-years-old and Zachary-Michael Clarke who is 13-years-old. 

FFF: I love that! Do you have more similar story ideas? Like, are you planning a series? 

IAG: I enjoy science, so I am currently working on my next book which is also in the science category. I guess it could be considered a science series. 

FFF: A series is always a good thing. Do you write by hand or by computer?

IAG: I write my draft by hand but then I type it on the computer to email it to my publisher.

FFF: What else do you enjoy besides writing? 

IAG: I enjoy a lot of things including singing, dancing, playing basketball and the violin, and swimming. I also enjoy play dates with my friends, exploring and meeting new friends. 

FFF: All those things help you be a better writer, too! What is your favorite snack?

IAG: I have a sweet tooth, so my favorite snack is Welch’s fruit snacks. 

FFF: Besides publishing a book, what is the coolest thing you ever did? 

IAG: The next coolest thing I have done was help my mom build my website and managing it. I also recently cut all of my hair off. I think that was a brave thing to do and pretty cool.

FFF: You look so cute with short hair! And the beauty of hair is it grows back. How do you like to relax? 

IAG: If I am traveling, I like to sit on the beach and relax. When I am home I like to watch a movie with my family. 

FFF: The beach is my favorite place in the world! What advice do you have for other kids who would like to write and publish a book? 

IAG: My biggest advice is to follow your dreams and do not give up. 

FFF: That’s good advice for any age! Your mom helps you a lot. What advice does she have for other moms whose kids want to write? 

IAG’s mom: As a mother, I believe it is the responsibility of parents to give our children confidence and nurture their talents by allowing them to express themselves. So I would say to other parents, recognize your child strength and talents from an early stage and give them the confidence to believe that they can do all things through Christ that strengthens them. Seek help from experts who can help your child achieve their goals. 

FFF: Perfect advice! I’m so happy you encouraged your daughter! Thank you! Imani, where can we find your book? 

IAG: Currently, my book is available on, Barnes and Noble,, and also on my own website at 

We are working very hard to get my book in as many bookstores as possible across the US and around the globe.

FFF: I believe you will do that very thing! Thanks for being here today! I know all my friends, followers, and fellow authors will join me in telling you to keep going! Please make sure to let me know when your next book is out! 

IAG: I will! Thanks for having me!



Blog Tour - Exordia
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

hey FFFers! The Blog Tour for Exordia, by Sarah Ott, stops here today. Woot! This book sounds terrific! Here’s a little about the story:

On a desert planet, all citizens must cooperate to survive. The scientific organization, Pallagen, protects the colony city of Exordia--whether they want it or not. Rebels must be broken.

Ex-Pallagen researcher Lena Ward isn’t going down without a fight. Her team of Exordia rejects is ready to pierce Pallagen’s benevolent exterior and expose the truth of their horrible agenda. Loyalty must be programmed.

Amnesiac Alex Kleric is reclaiming her life as an Enforcer dedicated to Exordia and Pallagen. But the records aren’t jogging her memories. Something is wrong--and all questions point to Lena Ward and her underground rebellion. Progress must continue. To save Exordia. At any cost.

Whew! I’m excited already! I have the author here and have asked her some questions. I hope they aren’t too hard.  :) 

FFF: Hi, Sarah! Welcome!

SO: Thanks for having me!

How did you get started writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. It was always going to be the thing I did when I grew up. I started writing science fiction and fantasy because I hated research. Shh, listen closely…can you hear it? That’s me, laughing bitterly at teenage me for thinking sci fi and fantasy didn’t require much research.

What inspired your story world?

The story world of Exordia grew up around the story. I had the plot and the characters, and the story world came to life as I wrote.

Which character was the hardest to write?

Alex, for sure. She turned out a lot different than I thought she was going to in the beginning; she was definitely one of those characters who sprang to life and wrote their own story. She was also hard to write because…well. That would be telling. ;)

What fictional world do you most want to visit and why?

This answer changes every time I discover a new story world! I just saw Pacific Rim: Uprising, so my current obsession is a world where giant robots powered by friendship exist. (“Giant robots powered by friendship” is also why I want to visit.) Although, if I’m being honest, the deep sea freaks me out enough already; I could do without the giant alien sea monsters.

What mythological creature would you want to be?

The Loch Ness Monster. Shy, hard to find, only grainy photos of it, difficult to prove its existence, the center of many a conspiracy theory.

Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.

I can make a meme out of anything. No, really. Keep reading. You won’t believe what happens next.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Something psychic, for sure, because I have exactly 0 muscles and earlier today I fell up the stairs, so something requiring dexterity is out. Telekinesis or teleportation would be my first choice.


FFF: The superpower question always gets me.  I figure I’d make a bad choice, so I think I’d rather not have to choose. Thanks for being here, Sarah!

SO: It was fun. Thanks for helping promote my book!


So, FFFers, there you have it.  Exordia releases in just TWO DAYS!!! You can pre-order yours on Amazon today.                                                                                       


Sarah E. Ott lives and breathes stories that involve high stakes and character-driven plots. When she’s not chasing plot bunnies or emoting over good literature, she can be found doing one of the following things: a) working as a kids ministry office administrator, b) driving her Prius to Dunkin’ Donuts, or c) curled up on a couch with a book and covered in live cats. 

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