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As an author, I'm honored to have had my writing published and am looking forward to more projects in print. It's my goal to show God's truths in story form. I work hard to never preach, but to engage and entertain my readers. I'm also learning about myself as I go along.

As an editor, I'm here to help and encourage you. I have been on this writing journey since 1994 and have gleaned a lot along the way. What do you need? If you are a new author and need a fresh pair of eyes, I can read your manuscript and give you notes, examples and encouragement. If you're experienced and need some feedback, I can help strengthen your story. Check out the editing page.

As a parent, I know it's not an easy thing, raising a child with special needs. Many days I feel isolated, tired, frustrated, and sometimes angry. We can encourage each other when the days are heavy and we can rejoice when they are light. If you're the parent of a special needs child and are feeling overwhelmed and need support from someone who understands, please visit my blog.

As an inspirational fantasy novelist, I'm always learning. If you're a Christian who writes fantasy, reads fantasy, or wonders if a Christian should even enjoy fantasy, this is the place to talk about it. I'm looking forward to some great discussion!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope I have blessed you in some small way today.  

Recent Posts

Show You!
Monday, September 11, 2017

Okay, so I should have posted this when it happened, but I didn’t. Still, it’s worth sharing.

Anna says words and phrases all the time. Most of the time, we can figure out what she means. Sometimes, we can’t. Some things are from her videos and some are from her books. For the last 15 years or more, she’s been saying, “Show you!” over and over and over. And I always say, “Show me what, babe?” and she never responds. She just keeps repeating it.

Well, in May, I was putting the harness she wears on the bus on her, and as I’ve been doing since she started riding a bus, I prayed over her. The same prayer I’ve been saying for 20 years or so. “The Lord bless you and keep you, Anna. The Lord grant you a happy, compliant and seizure free day and traveling mercies.” And I zip up the harness. Well, that day, as I was zipping her up, she said, “Show you!” and I froze. It clicked. And I said, “Bless you?” and she said, “Yay!” and smiled.

All this time, my girl was saying “Bless you”.  How about that?

Bless you, friends, from me and Anna!



Realm Makers, here I come!
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hey FFFers!  I leave tonight for Realm Makers 2017!  Sooooooo excited!  It’s in Reno this year – we’re celebrating our 5th anniversary – and Ted Dekker is our keynote speaker.

I’m looking forward to learning cool stuff, meeting with a couple of editors, hanging with fellow Realmies, and the COSTUME BANQUET! As I’m the resident fairy for RM, my costume is, of course, a fairy.  But not just ANY fairy. This year, I’m going as the Sneak Fairy. See, I got registered 2 weeks early this year because of a glitch in the system where I received an email that registration was open. I took full advantage of it and got registered and was dubbed the Sneak Fairy because I snuck in early.  Ha!  So, naturally, that’s when I got the idea for my costume. I’ll post pictures after the Banquet …. ‘cause it's a secret!  But sparkly camoflauge *could* be involved.

I’ll have a full report when I get back! In the meantime, here’s a pic of me in the fairy costume I wore 2 years ago.



Katie Morford and her amazing Author's Toolkit!
Monday, June 26, 2017

Hey FFFers! I'm delighted to have Katie Morford Phillips on today's Manuscript Monday. Katie is an amazing editor for Crosshair Press and she gave me the best rejection I’ve ever received.  :)   Seriously. Her notes on my proposal helped me a lot. I also had a phone consult with her about my pitch for the prequel for Fairyeater. She helped me tighten my focus and gave me great feedback. Katie has developed an Author's Toolkit that I love, and will help anyone, whether they're a new writer or not, with pitching a story/novel idea to an editor or agent. And we all know that's about the most nerve wracking thing an author can go through.

FFF: hi, Katie! Welcome to Fairies, Fantasy, and Faith! Tell my readers a bit about yourself.

KMP: Um, where to start. I’m a slow writer, a fast fiction editor, and a voracious reader who grew up re-imagining the endings of books I didn’t like. My first published novel was a co-authored romantic suspense novel, Kenan, but I typically trend toward soft speculative fiction. I have a space opera fantasy in revisions and I am currently working on a YA historical urban fantasy (think Harry Potter meets X-men in WWII-era northern England). I married a ballet/swing dancer and love travel, strawberries, and Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate.

FFF: I am right with you on the dark chocolate! What drew you to the crazy wonderful world of gifting authors with your awesome pitch tools?

KMP: As first an author, then a publisher and fiction editor, I’ve had the unique opportunity to see the book industry (especially the querying/pitching process) from both sides of the table. When so many of my fiction editing clients expressed to me how lost and overwhelmed they felt trying to navigate the pitching process, I knew I had the experience and expertise to guide them to telling their story with clarity and confidence. As one of my multi-published clients said, “This is the toolkit I wish I’d had when I was first starting out!”

FFF:  I feel the same way! What’s your favorite tool and why?

KMP: I absolutely love the query letter, synopsis, and one-sheet templates. So many amazing stories are sitting on a shelf because their author is too overwhelmed to try pitching or hasn’t been equipped to communicate their story in an intriguing way. Many writers struggle to condense an entire novel into a synopsis or blurb. The templates are designed to be super simple, plug-and-play resources. They guide authors step-by-step through the process and eliminate overwhelm so they can reach their goals.

FFF: Very cool. What do you want authors to come away with after digging through this toolkit?

KMP: I really want authors to walk away with tremendous clarity as to their story and its strongest selling points, and therefore great confidence in their story. I want to take authors from overwhelmed to enthusiasm, and guide them through sharing their passion with an industry desperate for fresh stories and voices.

FFF: I love that! How long have you been in the editing/writing world? What’s your story?

KMP: I started writing stories with a friend in high school, and then eventually branched out on my own (I’ve finished 11+ novels and novellas, most of which will never see the light of day). I completed the Christian Writers Guild Apprenticeship and Journeyman Mentoring Courses under literary agent Les Stobbe and author DiAnn Mills. After a career in journalism and three years living overseas and doing communications for a non-profit, I returned to my native Kansas to launch my own fiction editing, photography, and brand consulting business. I’m also a co-founder and the managing editor for Crosshair Press, an indie publishing house specializing in adventure stories. My romantic suspense novel, Kenan, released in May 2015 and the sequel is slated to release late this year or early next year. So, I guess you could say I’ve been writing and editing for over 15 years, though it feels like all my life.

FFF: Wow - no wonder you have so much to offer! Where can authors connect with you?

Email: [email protected]

Author Pitch Toolkit:







Crosshair Press:

Amazon (Kenan):


FFF: So there you have it. Thanks again, Katie! Can't wait to see you at Realm Makers!

KMP: Me, too! Thanks for having me!